Soaking in the beauty at Elves Chasm. Grand Canyon, AZ

Soaking in the beauty at Elves Chasm. Grand Canyon, AZ

Hi, I’m John

Welcome to the website! It’s filled with an eclectic range of articles, but I suppose that means I have eclectic interests. 

I’m currently in school at Colorado College, and will soon graduate. I’m a Biology major with a minor in Biochemistry, just in case that was of interest. Medical school is in the future, but I’m looking to explore the natural world for now.

I learned to whitewater kayak in my early teens, and it’s dictated much of my life since. I’ve chased rivers on the East Coast, followed them out west to Colorado and became introduced to the simplicity and self-sufficiency of multi-day river trips. I also did quite a bit of videography & photography in my teens, and I’ve carried those skills into the wilderness. I’ve had the fortune to film extended expeditions in Alaska, Newfoundland, the Northwest Territories, and a special project paddling solo down the Grand Canyon of the Colorado for a month.

I combine these passions with writing and love to provide a lens into these experiences. I’ve written for outdoor magazines, including Canoe & Kayak as well as Blue Ridge Outdoors. I’ve also done some gear reviews for Blister Gear. Reflecting on my past experiences allows me to re-live the adventure, and I hope to inspire others to be creative, think, and plan adventures to get out there.


- John